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Some historical dates.

   Before Xth century: 

   A first chapel dedicated to Saint Christopher exists on the site, the ground having been given to the diocese of Besançon. Now you can see several parts from this first building: the portal and the eardrum as well as the side doors.

   During the XIIth and XIIIth centuries:

  Construction of the current building at request of the monks of the priory of Château-sur-Salins marshes to shelter Saint Christopher's relic. 

   In the XVth century:

   Reorganization of certain parts of the hall and the construction of buttresses.

   In 1578:

  Ban by the Parliament of Dole of the pilgrimage for mad or spastic people which took place in the church. The pilgrimage will continue nevertheless until the Revolution then under another shape in the XXth century with the blessing of vehicles on July 25th, day of the Saint Christopher's feast. Faces sculptured along the ledge of the central nave, called "baboons" to Chissey remind this pilgrimage for mad or spastic people and would be present since the Middle Ages. 

   In the XVIIth century:

   Fire of a big part of the church further to the Swedish invasions. Construction of the top of the central nave. The largest part of the furniture is later at that time.

  In the XVIIIth century:

   Addition of sacristies on each side of the choir.

   In 1840:

  Prosper Mérimée, Inspector of the Buildings of France, registered the church of Chissey on the list of Monuments to be protected from 1840. It makes of the church of Chissey the first building classified in county of Jura.

   In 2004-2005: 

  Restoration of the roof and the outside facades, the pulpit, the confessionals, the baptismal fonts and the altarpieces of Saint Christopher and the Rosary.

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